(Today’s NCAA Coaches Salaries vs. Old School Salaries)

By – Ira D. Combs
Tri State Sports Media Service Inc.
The conventional wisdom of most all prognosticators even those supposed astute minds that predicted a 40 – 0 UK season ( who now know how smart they really are ) still had circled the following five games ( Michigan St. – at North Carolina – Louisville – at Florida – at Missouri ) as definite possibilities of busting the 40 – 0 party .  Now that we know the outcome of the first three of those five games and that Baylor and Arkansas have also spoiled the 40 – 0 party plans even more devastating the Cats have their backs against the wall with the fine folks who select the 68 teams for the NCAA tournament and set the seeds for all those teams .
In laymen’s terms the Cats need to steal a win or maybe two on the road and then run the table at home to get back into the # 2 seed discussion and some people associated with the inner circles of college basketball believe that hole is to deep to dig out of and the Cats need to set their sights on a more realistic goal of a # 3 seed . Regardless of your opinion it’s pretty obvious they need to steal a win on the road .
This week in my opinion are the two best opportunities to steal them and make some noise with the pollsters in doing so . Tuesday the Cats head to Baton Rouge , La. for a (9:00 o’clock tip-off on ESPN) and then Saturday the Cats visit Missouri for a (1:00 o’clock tip-off on CBS ) . Granted these two teams aren’t carrying the punch everyone around college basketball thought they would but still a couple w’s this week for the Cats can open some eyes across college basketball as to how this team has developed over the last few weeks and that it is gaining some momentum heading down the stretch toward the post season . Plus a couple convincing wins this week along with a little help from some other teams falling on hard times could pole vault UK back into top 10 status .
Since were discussing the NCAA tourney and seeds we may as well go to the only educated source on the matter and that would be the ESPN guru of Bracketology Joe Lunardi himself . Lunardi has been uncanny in recent years with a lot of his final predictions and of course he’s been off base on occasion as well . Going into this past weekend’s play Lunardi had Coach Cal’s Cats as a somewhat surprising  # 2 seed a bit high at this point in the season with 4 losses on the Cats resume in my humble opinion .
Still this week may be as important of a two game road swing as there is left on the Cats schedule .
Today’s Value of NCAA Coaches Salaries vs. Old School Value


I stumbled upon some interesting tidbits this past week listening to some of my favorite sports talk shows and surfing the net while cramped up indoors with all this crappy weather the Commonwealth has had to deal with . One interesting item I stumbled upon was NCAA basketball coaches salaries . Let’s just say I’m wondering if today’s university athletic departments are getting the bang for their buck as compared to what the old school guys were giving their school’s  during their era .
First of all I know there is a 40 plus year time warp involved since John Wooden won his 11consecutive championships but wait till you see the numbers I’ve uncovered before you draw any conclusions .
Let’s start with today’s supposed elite or top 5 coaches both in salary and success . Remember though that even the meager so called bottom dweller coaches of the low level Div. 1 programs  will make  in the neighborhood of $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 .
According to  a website referred to as The Richest and it’s lead columnist Nitin Rhandari the top five richest college basketball coaches are as follows and these are annual salaries by the way that each coach is currently under with their respective school :
# 1 – Mike Krzyzewski – Duke  7.2 million   ( Four NCAA titles )
# 2 – John Calipari – Kentucky  5.0 million  ( I Elite 8 / 2 Final Four / 1 NCAA title going into his 5th year at UK )
# 3 – Rick Pitino – Louisville  4.9 million  ( 2 NCAA titles / I at UK and 1 at U of L )
# 4 – Bill Self – Kansas  4.9 million   ( 1 NCAA title / 1 runner-up )
# 5 – Billy Donovan – 3.7 million   ( Two NCAA titles )
Based on information given out by Denny Crum on the Joe B. and Denny show last thursday and just a friendly reminder that Crum was an assistant for UCLA’s longtime icon John Wooden , the “Wizard of Westwood” received a salary the year he won his 11th consecutive NCAA championship  of ……….. $32,000.00 .
I’d say the Bruins got a good bang for their buck even if it was in the old school era !!!!!!!!!!!
 Team Notes and Stats To Date

As of the beginning of this week the top 9 players in Coach Cal’s rotation are putting up the following statistics per game riding a 15 – 4 record going into the LSU game :
Julius Randle – 16.6 ppg / 10.4 rpg ; James Young – 14.4 ppg / 4.2 rpg ; Aaron Harrison – 13.7 ppg / 41 assists ; Andrew Harrison – 11.1 ppg. / 68 assists ; Willie Cauley – Stein – 8.0 ppg / 6.8 rpg ; Alex Poythress – 6.7 ppg / 5.5 rpg ; Dakari Johnson – 4.0 ppg. / 3.2 ; Marcus Lee – 2;9 ppg / 1.6 rpg ; Dominique Hawkins – 1.2 ppg / 11 assists .

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