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If LSU doesn’t spoil the party tuesday night down in Baton Rouge (7:00 est. ESPN) Cal’s Boys will roll into this coming weekend with (7) games left in the regular season (3) on the road and (4) in the friendly confines of Rupp Arena . Ironically enough the (3) road games are all on weeknights two on tuesday and one on a wednesday with all (4) of the remaining home games set for saturday afternoon tip-offs at either 2:00 , 4:00 , or 6:00 est. where the momentum toward that perfect 31 – 0 season will start mounting minute by minute game by game
Why do I bring this scenario up at this point in the season .
Because the light at the end of the tunnel for a perfect 31 – 0 regular season is finally starting to flicker a little , again based on the fact that the LSU game went in the win column while this column was en-route to it’s various destinations early this week .
The road hasn’t been easy of late with injuries and sickness playing havoc with Coach Cal’s Platoon System . The past (3) games Trey Lyles didn’t even sit on the bench with the team . According to Calipari it was only for precautionary reasons to keep Lyles sickness from spreading thru the rest of the team with only six and a half weeks left in the season every practice and game is magnified with each player in the sickness/injury category .
It’s kind of crazy how the season has unfolded starting back in August with the exhibition tour to the Bahamas where the Calipari Platoon Tweak was first introduced to the college basketball world for scrutiny . When first witnessed most felt cautiously optimistic but absolutely no one would breathe a simple word about 40 – 0 , still too many bad memories in the back of Big Blue Nation’s head from last year . Then the Cats post a 5 – 1 record in the Bahamas and a little optimism started to spread but still many were cautious about the 10 man rotation thru the Platoon System . Fast forward to mid December and all of a sudden many think the Majic Carpet ride of a perfect season is possible .
Then bump in the road number one happens and Alex Poythress who is playing arguably his best basketball since he’s been wearing blue and white blows out his ACL and is pronounced done for the season . No problem the SEC logo 2Platoon System is re-tweaked to a nine and sometimes 8 man rotation and the Majic Carpet ride continues on . Now bump in the road number two crops up and freshman PF Trey Lyles comes down with some type mysterious sickness that evidently is contagious due to his separation from the team during practices/games .
Now I ask you what would have been your train of thought or projected record for this UK team back in August if you had known that Alex Poythress and Trey Lyles had both missed a combined six games at the same time at this point in the season with Poythress having missed eight to ten himself going into mid February .
Raise your hand if you said the Cats would be 23 – 0 going into Valentine’s weekend with all the above scenarios unfolding since the Bahamas trip and to add to that freshman Devin Booker would be .08 ppg from being the leading scorer . To date the Cats have two double figure scorers , Soph. guard Aaron Harrison leads the team with 11.5 ppg. followed closely by Fr. guard Devin Booker at 10.7 ppg. with nine players averaging between 11.5 and 5.5 ppg.
With all the above now behind us isn’t it crazy to think the real fun is still in front of us .
Is SEC Men’s Basketball Getting Better ?
At the beginning of the SEC season the first week of January there were many college basketball gurus especially across the south who pondered thoughts due to a few somewhat surprising non conference wins in December that the SEC was starting that climb back up to respectability across college basketball .
Maybe so , but I counter with the last few weeks ugly losses by LSU to two severely inept college basketball teams like Miss. State and Auburn at home plus Ole Miss is 15 – 7 but three of those seven losses are to Charleston Southern , Dayton , and WKU at home where they blew a 16 point lead . There are four SEC teams headed for losing seasons and three other teams just a game above or below 500 who may very well end up on the downside of 500 .
My final point is we are on the brink of having two different teams in two consecutive seasons of running the table to a perfect 18 – 0 regular season with those two teams being the kingpins of southern hoops for over a decade now ( except for the Gillispie disaster ) .  
In closing I just can’t see where SEC basketball is any better off top to bottom with two different teams running the table two years in a row . My guess is with a little luck UK , Arkansas , Texas A & M , and LSU will make the Big Dance with Georgia and Ole Miss hanging very delicately on the bubble . If anybody else makes a post season tourney it will be the NIT or CBI . But that’s just my opinion .
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