(Since this article was written, Jones has since been arrested for rape and sodomy)

No. 3 Chris Jones dismissed from team after rape allegations
No. 3 Chris Jones dismissed from team after rape allegations

“Chris Jones has been dismissed from the University of Louisville men’s basketball team.  There will be no further comment on the matter.”  Those were the words of Louisville’s sport’s information director Kenny Klein in a tweet he sent out at 3:42 on Sunday afternoon.
In what should have been a quiet sports day for Louisville’s men’s basketball team as they prepare for their Monday night game against Georgia Tech, took an unexpected or expected turn to some when it was announce that starting point guard Chris Jones was dismissed from the team.
We may never know what led to Jones’ dismissal, nor do we need to know.  Many people will claim to know the reason because they heard from their girlfriend’s sister’s best friend who has an uncle that is a janitor at U of L.  The truth is, only a few people know what happened.  The truth will most likely eventually come out as we live in a need-to-know society.
Where do the Cardinals’ turn from here.  They must replace a guard who was averaging 13.7 point, 4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, and 2 steals per game.  In steps freshman Quentin Snider.  Snider averages slightly more than 10 minutes per game.  He may not bring the quickness or the bulldog mentality of Jones, but he will not bring any baggage with him.
The rest of Louisville’s season does not simply rest with how well Snider plays.  Montrezl Harrell and Terry Rozier will have to take their game to another level as well.  Senior forward Wayne Blackshear will have to play the last games of his collegiate career as if there are no more games to play.  Who else will step up remains to be seen.  Shaquaan Aaron, Chinanu Onuaku, and others need to take this opportunity to improve their games in order for Louisville to go forward.
As for Chris jones, I hope that he sees the error of his ways.  I do not wish ill will upon Chris.  He needs to get his life in order.  No one wants to see a person’s dreams shattered, but sometimes in life it happens.  I hope he picks himself up and does something great with his life.

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