Duke’s Barrett attacks the rim. Photo by Brendon Miller – BSN

Oh Vegas, how could you be so wrong? Vegas missed the spread by 35 points. Who would have thought the Cats, after a dominant performance in the Bahamas, would come utterly unglued on the big stage. All the credit goes to Duke and it’s three star freshmen RJ Barrett, Cam Reddish and Zion Williamson who would combine for 83 points. If they would have played the late minutes, they would have outscored the Cats by themselves. Zion proved he isn’t just a Youtube Dunking Sensation by making shots and being a one man wrecking ball under the basket. Duke dominated virtually every stat except turnovers. Duke took full advantage and scored 27 points off of UK’s careless errors. Duke started hot shooting and finished the game shooting 46 percent. Kentucky fought back in the first half but still trailed by 17 at the half.  It was over five minutes into the second half, except for UK defenders making Duke Scrubs look like Larry Bird. This young but somewhat experienced UK team needs much improvement on the defensive end, and better improve in effort if it wants to make a run in March.

The last time the top 2 players out of high school signed with the same team was 2011, and that worked out pretty well for Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Duke has signed the top three, and it looks like the rankings were accurate. I bet Vegas changes the odds for Duke winning it all!

The Champions Classic was just extended through 2022. In the battle of heavyweights, Kentucky, Duke, Kansas and Michigan State.  Kentucky and Duke were tied for the lead at 4-3. Duke now owns sole possession as leader in Champions Classic wins.

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