UK Hoops vs Southern – Photo by Teresa Fraley – SVA

November 11, 2018 – Lexington, KY – Phyllis Millspaugh – 11-11-18 – Sports View America Sports Contributor

2-0,  UK Women rout on Southern University’s Lady Jaguars 91-41

Hustle was the name of the game for the UK Women’s basketball team in their second outing this season, totally dominating the Southern University Lady Jaguars and easily winning 91-41.   The Lady Cats jumped to an immediate 18 point lead in the first quarter, thanks to nine Jaguar turnovers.  UK turned those turnovers into 15 of their 37 first quarter points.  A swarming defense set the tone that never quit throughout the first quarter, but shooting 52% from the field sure didn’t hurt. The Lady Cats never looked back.

By the half, the Lady Cats were dominating the Southern University team by 50 – 18.  Scoring 20 points in the second quarter off of 15 turnovers from the Jaguars.  Freshman Guard Rhyne Howard led the scoring bonanza with 16 points and Senior Maci Morris dumped in nine.  But it continued to be the defense’s game, with the 10 steals by the Lady Cats, leading to 20 first half points scored off of Jaguar turnovers.

By the conclusion of the third quarter, the Lady Cats were up leading by 39 points:  67-28.  Coach Matthew Mitchell made full use of his bench, with all of the Lady Cats getting a chance to rack up some court time.

Fourth quarter action continued to elevate the Lady Cats lead and it turned into a feast.  Steals, three-pointers and every eligible member of the Lady Cats playing and scoring allowed the crowd to see the depth of talent available this season. The Lady Cats bench were strong contributors to the scoring, dumping in 26 points for the night.  In an inspiring conclusions, Senior forward Lashel Hansel, a team walk-on who earned a scholarship due to her hustle and attitude, scored the last two points of the night.

Leading the Lady Cats scoring was Freshman guard Rhyne Howard, who ended the night with 29, followed by Senior guard Maci Morris’ 12 points and Senior Taylor Murray’s 11 points.  Southern University’s Senior guard Skylar O’Bear led the Lady Jaguars with eight points, followed by Junior Brittany Rose’s seven points.

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