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Sports View America is proud to announce Bandit Big Rig Racing is coming to Bristol and we are happy to be able to cover it for our racing fans. 

(Bristol, TN – October, 2019) – The highly anticipated Bandit Big Rig Series season finale invades Bristol Motor Speedway and its illustrious tradition on Saturday, October 12th. The Bandits had an outstanding showing at Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, thus setting up a very close battle for the season crown. All of the Bandits will be driving even harder than usual, trying to push their way to the final podium.

Have you ever seen 16-18 big rigs flying around the track at speeds of up to 100-MPH going 3-wide? The Bandits never disappoint and Bristol has yet to see something of this magnitude!

Jason Johnson, General Manager of the Bandit Big Rig Race Series, sees the excitement building as the Five Flags race approaches. “Fan support has just been incredible all season long”, said Johnson. “I still get a kick out of seeing people’s faces as they watch big rigs actually racing out there – they just can’t believe how intense the action can get – much less at speeds approaching 100-mph on a short track.”

Bandit sponsors for the Five Flags race include: AirDog – who will be giving away a diesel fuel system, Minimizer – who produces the toughest products in the toughest industry. Come see why Minimizer’s products simply outlast the competition, along with Big’Uns Nuts who continuously donate & promote local no-kill animal shelters.

This exciting and affordable family event has activities for the kids and events going on all day – including a FREE Fan Series Truck Show beginning at 11:00 am, followed by the thrill of big rig racing. Race gates open at 3:00 pm. Fans can meet the drivers of the Bandit Big Rig Series on the front stretch of the speedway starting at 5:00 pm – green flag drops at 7:00 pm.

About Bandit Big Rig Series

The Bandit Big Rig Series returns big rig tractor truck racing to the short track in the United States. The series was designed to be affordable and accessible for anyone wishing to put together a race team. See you all in Kalamazoo!

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