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We hope you enjoy the thoughts of a true fan about UK Wildcats and the quest for title number 9.

BBM2019, Wow what a way to kick off 2019/2020 Kentucky Basketball.  Finishing off the decade with this talented group of athletes is going to be special. The connection these players have and bond they have is pretty amazing. 

I started off my journey for BBM2019 at KSBar for their Big Blue Madness Pre Party, one of my good friends and fellow Blue Hair guy Matt Huffer, stopped by just for our usual pic on game day.  Enjoyed some great food and a few drinks (thanks for the shots Cody Allen) along with a photo with Matt Jones of course, then took the almost 2 mile walk to Rupp Arena.  It’s always fun walking around Lexington because of course everyone has to honk and yell something at the Blue Hair Guy. 

Upon arriving at Rupp Arena the Blue Carpet Event was a sight to see, so many players and media and fans.  Then move inside Rupp and find your seat and the instant excitement begins. You see your styrofoam blue or white light and your ready to wave it around and root for your team.  Looking around noticing a lot of familiar faces such as other super fans like George and Denise Camic who always dress up and wear face paint as well.  There’s no doubt that no BBM will ever live up to the hype as the John Wall Dance intro, but this years BBM was definitely one for the books.

You can see the excitement in everyone’s actions rather it’s from our Dancing Coach Mitchell to our Lady Wildcats to our Championship Cheerleading Team to the Dance Team.  Then of course there’s our Men’s Basketball team, the intros and dances and enthusiasm you can just tell there’s something special with this team and they way they click.  Then you get to the emotional State of The Nation from our beloved Coach John Calipari.  If listening to him speak at BBM doesn’t get you pumped and excited for basketball I don’t know what possibly could.  Finishing off with 3 point contest and dunk contest followed up with a short scrimmage. 

Then headed back into Lexington to catch an Uber en route back to KSBar for Big Blue Madness, After Party.  Once again enjoyed some great food and drinks.  You also know your doing something right when an Arkansas fan wants a picture with you and buys your next round. 

BBM2019 definitely one for the record books and this team is going to be a special one, mark my words.

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