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With 57,060 in attendance along with all of BBN watching this was bound to be a good one.  Especially since our players and fans were dedicating this game to #22 Jared Lorenzen.  BBN definitely showed up for this chilly nighttime game. 
We showed up at the catwalk in numbers and weathered the cold to root on our Cats like always.  The crowd was ready and on their feet and cheering while waving our 22 rally towels at the kickoff of the game, however we got silenced way too soon from an early touchdown by Arkansas.
I think all of BBN felt the same frustration as I felt when the camera came in for the close up on me and the disappointed look on my face. It felt all too familiar of the last 2 games.  To me in the second quarter it just seemed like a bad dream I was in and everything was just stuck on repeat.  I felt like we as a team had not played a good quarter of football since the 3rd quarter of the Florida game.  Luckily we turned everything around in the second half. 
Lynn Bowden definitely gets player of the game and rushed for 196 yards.  I had been saying it for the last 3 games that Lynn would step in and step up as quarterback and lead our team to victory.  AJ Rose had a great game as well and rushed for 100 yards.  Luckily the fans stuck with the game and our team to support and root for our team. 
Also one side note this game was officially won with a stop at non other than the 22 yard line, let that sink in.  Our CATS need everyone’s support more than ever now with this road game next week, hey if South Caroline can beat  Georgia then Why Not us.  I also want to give Coach Cal a huge shout out for stopping by for a photo opportunity with him, very cool to say the least.

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