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2019 Blue-White Game BBN showed up with 13,574 fans in attendance for our yearly and nationally televised “practice”.  There was a lot of empty seats especially in the upper level but hey what can you expect for a paid ticket to a practice.  One thing about the practice I noticed looking at the crowd from a media stand point is there was a lot of families in attendance vs just the adults.  Throughout the game there was kids standing and cheering, waiving their pom poms, and doing blue/white chanting.  Me personally, especially on an event like this I would love to see fans be moved down and more compact in the arena, clearly if people aren’t there by halftime why not make some kind of adjustment but that’s just my personal opinion.
Nate Sestina is an absolute beast and the transformation this kid has done with his body is unbelievable. Tyrese Maxey is definitely going to be one to watch this year, I love his enthusiasm for Kentucky Basketball.  Immanuel Quickley is dedicated and full of enthusiasm. You can clearly see it on his face, in person and in photos as most every one he had a huge smile on his face.
Being at this game and not being able to wear my blue hair or makeup or cheering and chanting for our Cats was definitely a different experience.  Surprisingly it seemed no matter where I was or who I was talking to, everyone still knew who the “blue hair guy” was. I didn’t really know what to expect being there without my blue hair and face paint.  I ran into a good friend of mine, Kristin Ash-Brashear who was there with her mom Holly, stepdad Bobby, and Grandpa Bob. This family has been traveling for years coming to Rupp Arena from Louisville just like myself, it’s crazy how far some is fans will come to just see our cats practice and for Big Blue Madness let alone for actual games.
All in all the Blue-White game definitely did not let us down and I cannot wait to see our team on the court against an opponent.  We have got to avoid any further injuries as we are coming into the basketball season.  BBN make sure to show up for our season opener on November 5th as we take on Michigan State in New York.


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