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Athens Georgia, Kentucky is coming off a win over Arkansas before a rowdy crowd at Kroger Field. The #10 Bulldogs enter the game coming off of a two over time home loss to South Carolina. I’m sure Coach Stoops and Coach Smart will have their teams ready to play between the hedges. Georgia leads the series 58-12-2.


The weather could play a role in tonight’s game. The forecast is for mid 50’s and a constant rain. With about 25 minutes to go before kickoff the rain and wind have picked up significantly!! The field of play appears to be soaking up the all day rain though. Good news if you are a Kentucky fan hoping to pull the upset. The crowd looks to be VERY small for a game in Historic Stanford Stadium.


While the Stadium appears to only be at about 40% full at kickoff they are certainly plenty loud!!


Georgia wins the toss and chooses to receive the ball first. Kentucky squib kicked and pinned Georgia at the 14 yard line.


Lynn Bowden starts the game at QB for Kentucky. Rose and Ali combine for a first down in two carries. After picking up two first downs on first possession Kentucky is forced to punt. Max Duffy booms one and with penalty for block in the back the Georgia Bull Dogs start on the 9 yard line.


The defense was Strong and limited the bulldogs to just three yards on offense and forced to punt to Josh Ali that returned the ball 19 yards to set the Cats up on the Georgia 46 yard line for their second offensive possession.


After only gaining seven yards on the first three downs of the series Kentucky is lining up to try a fourth and three from the Georgia 38 yard line. A false start penalty shoots them in the foot and Max Duffy and his punt puts the ball dead at the five. Called back on a false start penalty. The second punt went out of bounds at the twenty. Two costly penalties really cost the Cats tremendous field position.


Georgia 3 and out. Kentucky takes over at the 24.


Smoke gets the first handoff of the series and appears to have tweaked a knee or ankle. Replaced in the game by Rodriguez. Max Duffy is called on again.


First quarter ends scoreless. Kentucky’s Defense has played extremely well holding the Dawgs to only 42 yards in the first stanza.


After two big runs by Georgias Swift the defense has back the Dawgs up on consecutive plays to force a third and 15. Jake Fromms pass was broken up and the Kentucky offense takes over on the twenty following the punt.


Max Duffy booms a 59 yard punt after the Cats fail on offense. Dawgs start their drive looking like the #10 team in the country by getting thirty yard pass play and then a five yard run. Kentucky may have gotten a favorable no call on a sideline pass from Jake Fromm.   Let’s Go to the Monitor!!! I hate the monitor!! It appears to me anyway that Fromm was short and will bring up 4th and one at midfield. Georgia is stopped!! Kentucky takes over on downs with Kash Daniel stopping Jake Fromm on the QB sneak.


Kentucky losses three yards on a Lynn Bowden scramble. But Bowden follows that negative play with an 8 yard QB draw. After a little “Trickeration” on third down. Kentucky is forced to punt. The snap to punter Max Duffy was high and right. Duffy did catch the ball and proceeded to pin the Georgia offense at the 11 yard line.


Georgia’s Swift tears off a 20 yard rush. Followed by a slippery snap over Fromm’s head and a loss of nine!! Which Swift picked up 23 on the very next play to advance the Bulldogs. Kash Daniel goes down with an injury during the big run by D’Andre Swift. Daniel walks off the field and heads into the medical tent. Was holding his left arm to his side. The defense pushes back 3 yards in the series with the help of a ten yard holding penalty. Kentucky takes over on the 16 after the Georgia punt.


Rodriguez Carries twice for seven tough yards to bring up third and three. Rodriguez picks up four down the middle to keep the offense on the field.


The BOO Birds are out tonight!!


At the half it’s Kentucky 0 Georgia 0


If you like defensive games this one is a beauty in the first half. Georgia has managed 123 total yards compared to Kentucky’s 52. Georgia possessed the ball for 18:42 t Kentucky’s 11:18. There were only a total of 8 first downs in the half with Georgia tripling Kentuckys at 6 to 2. This game could come down to whichever team scores.

Kash Daniel is out. With a concussion.

Half number two


Kentucky moves the ball down the field only to have their momentum quashed by a holding penalty on an apparent Lynn Bowden first down run.

Kentucky hold to a three and out. Josh Ali fumbles the punt at the 29. Echols recovers the fumble and Kentucky retains.


Penalties continue to stymie the Big Blue offense. Putting the offense behind the chains time and time again. Them the unthinkable happens and Duffy shanks a punt for a net gain of 15 yards!!


Dawgs take over with a very short field at the Kentucky 39 yard line. Pretty much puts them in field goal range to start the drive. Georgia’s D’Andre takes the handoff 39 yards for the first touchdown of the game. With 6:20 to go in the third the game finally has a score.


Thought of the Day. Are the people that walk up and down next to the field by the hedges Dawg Walkers??


After taking the kickoff at the 25 yard line Kentucky is having a hard time gaining much of anything. Another third and five.   And Bowden fumbles at the 31. Giving Georgia another short field. Which the capitalize on with a scoring drive.


Kentucky gets new life with. A kickoff return to the Georgia 40 yard line. Lynn Bowden has. A gutsy run that. Is topped of. With a face mask penalty. 1st and goal at the nine. OMG!!!!   Rodriguez has a sure TD catch until he kicks the ball out of his own hands!!!! Third and goal from the 8. Fourth and goal from the 8. Holding penalty is declined and. Georgia takes over on downs at the Kentucky 8.


With 14:00 minutes to. Go in the game Georgia is starting to exert. Their will on Kentucky’s defense moving the. Ball in huge chunks of real estate. Georgia converts a 4th and 4 to bring up a first down. On the 22. Boogie Watson was shaken up in the trenches making the tackle.


At the 6:24 mark the Bulldogs go out to a 21-0 lead.


While the offense moved the ball on their last drive they. Again turned it over on downs. Georgia can. Simply run the clock out with 1:32 to play. And they do indeed line up in the victory formation.


Final from Athens Georgia 21. Kentucky 0


A few take aways from the game:

1)The Defense played very hard and only had one penalty. Corker 11 tackles, Square 9 tackles, Oats 7 tackles.

2) Offensive penalties 6/45 yards

3) Lynn Bowden is a fantastic athlete!!!!! But he is no match for this Georgia defense.

4)Kentucky has to get a quarterback running the team, freeing up Lynn Bowden to compete in his assigned position.


Kentucky returns home next week to take on a Mizzu team that lost earlier today to Vandy. That game will kick off at 7:30pm. The game at Kroger field will for sure go a long way in determining Kentucky’s season goals.


Georgia will be on a bye week .

Attendance was officially announced as 92746. (Think they counted everyone twice.)

Game time 3 hours 1 minute

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