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I showed up as the gates opened for this Noon game, one thing for sure is the Clemson fans love to travel because there was more orange to be found than red in the first hour.  The atmosphere was equal as far as enthusiasm from both fan bases.  The sound system and video in Cardinal Stadium is always so impressive, one of the best around in my opinion for college sports.  Cardinal fans really do get into the game and stand and cheer on their team especially in the first half when the game was still winnable.  One of the more notable fans was close to where I was shooting the game, Fan of the game goes to Gary Redbird.  This guy is UofL’s version of myself (BlueHairUKGuy), he however does go a little further and paints his body along with face and a red wig.  Also ran into good friends of mine Lisa Elliott and her daughter Carley Priddy, and special thanks to Scott Felty for the ticket. 

As the second half came around and Clemson started running up the points there was however a change in the atmosphere.  There was still plenty of loyal diehard fans that continued rooting relentlessly through the end of the game even with no hopes of a comeback.  However what seems to be the norm from being at UofL games, the fans started booing and yelling at the team.  Then there was the 3rd quarter incident with Clemson’s Andrew Booth who decided it was ok to punch on of Louisville’s players, the crowd started to get back into it and tried rallying the team back.  Clemson did not let up though and continued to pile on the points.  As the 3rd quarter came closer to an end the normal pile out by UofL fans started happening.  By the time the 4th quarter started it seemed to be more Clemson fans in the seats at Cardinal Stadium than Louisville fans.

All in all it’s always a great experience being at Cardinal Stadium, rather it be the amazing sound system to the video boards or the diehard cardinal fans.  If you’ve never been to a Louisville game it is definitely an experience.  The Cards need to focus on getting to a Bowl game this year, that will be a huge victory over their 2 game winning season last year.  

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