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With 48,446 in attendance for this rainy night game under the lights, this win was much needed for the CATS.  Myself and Ben Austin along with many others opted to move tailgating to KSBar and Grille, arriving there at about 2:00 there was 25 people already on the waiting list. Needless to say the bar was beyond full with UK fans.  Ran into a good friend of mine Randall Wright, thanks for the meal and the rain jacket Randall.  The BLUKMobile was in no way shape or form going to make it parking in the grass lot my parking pass is in.  Special thanks to another good friend of mine Julie Sizemore and her boyfriend Chris Bryant for car pooling and keeping me from getting stuck in the mud.  As always enjoyed dancing and cheering for our team with good friends of mine Vince and Carol Marino.
The catwalk was about half the crowd as normal and the enthusiasm from both the fans and players just didn’t seem the same as normal.  This was a little worrisome especially with the lack of attendance there seemed to be.  At kickoff the rain had begun but every fan was on their feet and cheering on our CATS.  The enthusiasm from the fans and players instantly came back to normal as we decided to overcome the weather.  All of us fans were with our ponchos on standing in ankle deep water (especially in the first row) rooting on our cats.
Lynn Bowden absolutely stepped up his QB game today with and impressive 204 yards rushing which is the most by any SEC player this season.  This was Lynn’s 3rd consecutive start as Quarterback with 499 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns.  Can’t wait to see how he continues to lead our team to victory.  Thanks Melissa Phillips for grabbing my attention for a pic at the catwalk, next time I need a picture with your son Lynn.
With our step in kicker Ruffolo missing 2 extra points chances, it was Chance Poore’s time to redeem himself and overcome the adversity from his missed field goals.  Chance nailed a 43 yard field goal along with 2 extra points in this game going 3-3 on kicks.  Chance has a total of 28 points that he has contributed this season.  Huge shout out to one of my best friends Lewis Poore and his wife Jodi for not only being great supporters of mine and UK but also great parents to an amazing son.
With this bye week coming up I feel like our team will get stronger and stronger and be prepared for Tennessee in 2 weeks.  I challenge our fans to fill the stadium and cheer on our team like you never have before.  Paint your faces blue and put on your blue hair and help cheer on our CATS.  The team needs each and everyone of us fans more than ever right now.

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