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#2 UK Wildcats vs #1 Michigan State

With 19,812 in attendance for the Champions Classic for #2 UK vs #1 (not anymore) Michigan State, there was definitely a sea of blue present for the game like usual.  I had to opt to watch this game at a restaurant with big screens versus being there, luckily there was a lot of UK fans around me.  I was there of course decked out in all my UK blue, seemed a few others sporting blue and then the questionable UK fans that had no blue on (must be bandwagon fans).
The game was a bit of a roller coaster, every time we would get up 7+ points or so Michigan State would make a come back.  The stand out player in the first half was clearly Maxey with 11 of Kentucky’s 34 points, taking us into a 10 point lead at the half.  Coming from a fans point of view I am wondering why we have 2 big players that are afraid to dunk the ball?  Why have we got away from dunking to take a poorly shot and missed lay up?  I mean even at Big Blue Madness for the dunk contest our 2 big guys didn’t even participate.  We don’t need soft and weak basketball, when your the biggest guy on the court dunk the ball and draw the foul and get your “and 1”.
Tyrese Maxey finishes off the game with an impressive 26 points, that’s pretty scary being that it was 26 points against the #1 (not anymore) team in the country.  This kid is going to be a key scorer for Kentucky this year and will do nothing but continue to improve.  Ashton Hagans scores 11 points and Immanuel Quickley scored 10.  Nate Sestina came in with 7 points and 6 rebounds, it’s just a matter of time before he consistently gets a double double each game.
Next up is Eastern Kentucky Friday at 7:00, after watching this game I kinda feel sorry for Eastern Kentucky because we are firing in all cylinders now.  I truly believe we have it figured out and that’s hard to believe after just 3 games, this team seems to click well.  We must show up and participate every game for our CATS, we will see you BBN Friday.  Be sure to be blue’d out and yell and screen at the top of your lungs, rather it’s at the game or in front of your tv.

UK vs Kentucky State (Exh)

With 19,588 in attendance for the final exhibition game this was bound to be another good one.  A lot of my usual friends and friends where there like usual.  Ran into and hung out with my good buddy 11 year old Lukas Witt, of course we had to get a lot of pics together including one with the best host in college basketball Maria Montgomery.  Also my good friends and fellow face painters Denise and George Camic was there, of course he wanted a long overdue photo with Maria as well.  Kentucky could not ask for a better host than Maria Montgomery, she is one of the most personable people and always happy to take a phot with a fan.  The crowd was good and everyone was involved in cheering on our cats.
Immanuel Quickley continues to get better in this game with 17 points in 19 minutes of play.  Kahlil Whitney was next with 15 points in 27 minutes.  Nate Sestina scores 13 points along with 8 rebounds in 31 minutes.  Keion Brooks scores 9 points along with 9 rebounds in 24 minutes.  Kentucky’s biggest run was 10-0 and the largest lead of the game was 33 points.
Kentucky has continued to improve through exhibition and hopefully will be prepared for the Champions Classic on Tuesday.  Kentucky needs fans to show up for this big game and if you can’t be there you better be screaming at the top of your lungs at your tv rooting on the team.

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