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With 56,760 in attendance for this winter like home rivalry game, there’s no doubt the crowd was pumped and ready to beat Tennessee.  I showed up to tailgate at KSBar along with with a friend of mine William Jarnagin however there was something like 47 people in front of me so we headed over to the Tilted Kilt.  At the Twisted Kilt there honestly seemed to be just as many Tennessee Fans there than Kentucky fans.  The catwalk was way busier than expected and it seemed both the fans and players were pumped and ready to get the Win.
Kentucky played a great first half going into half time ahead 13-3.  However we just could not make an offensive play or score a point in the 2nd half.  The Cats are covered up with injuries that has lead us to limitations on plays.  WR trying his best at QB, and we have several back ups that the staff will not even try .  Every play was exactly the same, we were so predictable.  We start out strong and can never finish.  It  was a display of total struggle in the second half.  Once Tennessee  figured out how to stop the QB run, it was over.   We have several back up QBs that can pass , but because the staff is so conservative we never look for a change.   Our kids played their hearts out with 2 chances to win with only a 1 yard run.  Tennessee loaded up the box at the goal line and the play call was to run straight forward into the most congested area on the field.  No change in the plays and Tennessee knew it.   I hate to say it, but there was no blame to the players in my view.   Our coaching staff blew that game.  I love our Cats but  when it’s down to the wire, you have to take chances to win.  I’m so disappointed.   Frustrations build when you sit in the cold weather for hours just to see terrible decision making costing us the win.   I really hope our coaching staff will sit down and weigh in what they can do to make changes for the better.  Even if it means playing non scholarship players and redshirts.  You have to play for the win.  
Now on to next week on the road to Vandy, I will be there with my blue hair on and face painted in the end zone.  Cat Fans we need this win on the road.  A lot of frustrations from the Fans Including myself, but we need to stay positive and supportive of our boys.  Let’s hope our coaching staff can remedy a way to help us win and LET’S GO CATS.

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