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Indianapolis coming into this match up at 5-3 and the Dolphins coming in at 1-7 it was clear who the winner should be.  However I had predicted the Dolphins were going to come in strong coming off of their recent win.  The Dolphins out played the Colts in the first 2 quarters, the Colts out played the Dolphins in the 3rd quarter, and the 2 teams tied in the 4th quarter.  The game ended with the Colts having a chance to take the lead and win they however could not score the final touchdown, Dolphins win 16-12.

The first quarter the Dolphins outscore the Colts 3-0 with J. Sanders making a 47 yard field goal. Other key plays to note in this quarter.  Indiana had a fumble recovery by K. Moore at the 50 yard line with a gain of 1 yard and was not able to convert into any points.  Miami’s S. Parker intercepted a pass resulting in a touchback.
Second quarter the Dolphins once again outscore the Colts this time 7-0 with R. Fitzpatrick scrambling to the right end for 11 yards and a touchdown.  Other important plays this quarter include the following.   B. Hoyer of Miami was sacked the Miami 37 for -9 yards resulting in a fumble recovered by the Colts, once again not able to convert into any points.  Miami’s B. Hoyer’s pass to E. Ebron was intercepted by B. McCain at Colts 44 and ran out of bounds for a 12 yard gain, yet again no points off the turnover.
The Third quarter the Colts finally score and outscore the Dolphins 6-0 starting with A. Vinatieri kicking a 25 yard field goal.  M. Haak with Miami kicks a 41 yard punt to the Indiana 30 and is ran for 21 yards to the Miami 49, however unable to score a touchdown again A. Vinatieri kicks another field goal this time a 39 yarder.
In the 4th quarter this was the closest quarter of the game with both teams scoring 6 points each.  The Colts had a huge opportunity to win this game but could not convert.  The Dolphins scored a touchdown this quarter and the Colts made 2 field goals both at 48 yards.
The Dolphins are on a bit of a good momentum right now even thought having a horrible season 2 straight wins is pretty big.  The Colts need to bounce back of this loss that should have been a win and get ready for the matchup with the Jaguars.  The experience of being at Lucas Oil Stadium for a Colts game and doing Media was a totally amazing experience.

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