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With  23,288 in attendance and from what appeared to be 80% or more Kentucky fans, BBN definitely showed up in support for our team.  Me and my date Savannah Matthews made the journey to Nashville beginning at 7:00am, because if your both die hard UK fans then yeah you gotta make the road trip to help root on your team.  Upon arriving in Nashville which we got there at about 11:30 it was pretty clear that traffic was very light compared to what I expected it to be. 

Walking to the CatWalk everywhere you looked it was blue, very very few Vandy fans to be found.  Getting to the CatWalk and being instantly greeted by your good friend Melissa Phillips (Lynn Bowden’s Mom), you know it’s time to start getting pumped.  We spent the entire CatWalk hanging out with Melissa and Lynn Bowden III (Lynn’s son) and his girlfriend Mikayla Finley, needless to say this made for great photo opportunities.  Following the CatWalk we then meet up with one of my best friends Lewis Poore and his wife Jodi (Chance Poore’s parents) and followed them back to their tailgate to hangout for awhile.  We arrived at our seats right about 1 hour prior to kickoff and still the Vandy fans where nowhere to be found. 

I did get to also meet up with an ex UK player Jason Habermel (’93 Peach Bowl) for a pic with him and his ring cause you just don’t get to see that up close every day, he was there with a good friend and mentor of mine John Sabbak.

The first quarter was very scary to say the least with Vandy scoring 2 touchdowns and UK only making a field goal.  The Vandy fans started trying to get loud and waiving their flags and pom poms, however they were out-numbered 9 to 1 by UK fans.  The second quarter started and it was clear that UK was now here to play. They must have noticed all of the blue in the stands.  We scored 3 touchdowns in the second quarter leaving Vandy scoreless, going into halftime UK up 24-14.  Less than 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter UK scores yet another touchdown and you begin to see what little Vandy fans there was start to clear the stands.  By the end of the 3rd quarter i believe there was more Vandy cheerleaders on the field than their was fans in the stands.  UK finished out the 3rd quarter scoring 2 touchdowns to Vandy’s 0 points.  We finished out the 4th quarter with both teams scoreless making the final score UK 38-14.  UK finishes out with 528 total yards, 127 passing yards, and 401 rushing yards.
Kentucky for sure bounced back this game and will be coming in strong this coming Saturday against TN-Martin.  BBN we need to fill the stadium on Saturday and do what we do best, root on our CATS.  Now i do have to call out a certain usher at the Vandy game, Taylor your information you give is extremely unreliable.  I walked up to ask where my seat was which I was in Section M row 5, this guy proceeds to take me to section L and says here’s your seat.  I’m sitting directly in the middle of the goal and i’m thinking no this can’t be right I got my ticket in the corner.  Well he continues to give people wrong info and constantly is saying “I think you’re over there”.  Sorry to rant and call you out but either you don’t like UK fans or you just had no idea, either which way how hard is it to say “I don’t know”. 

LET’S GO CATS, beat TN-Martin then we can focus on our in state rivalry against UofL.

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