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With 48,336 loyal Kentucky and Louisville fans in attendance, this Governor’s Cup matchup was going down regardless of the weather.  Due to rain and parking in a grass lot I took the journey to Lexington with a good friend of mine John Austin (thanks for the ride) and his son Ben Austin.  My daughter Jordyn Henry came to the game with me, seems to be a Daddy Daughter tradition that we have started for UK/UL football.  As I’m putting on my face paint I get the alert the CatWalk was moved indoors which for sure was a great decision because it was clear we was gonna be wet the whole game.  Upon arriving inside at the Nutter Field House I was instantly greeted by some of my good friends and BBN family, of course they had to get pics with Big Blue Santa.  I personally think the CatWalk was a little weaker than usual but was probably because of the sudden changes and change in atmosphere.  Immediately after the CatWalk I continued my usual traditions by first going and hanging out with Lynn Bowden’s family (thanks for taking me in Melissa Phillips and being a supporter of mine) then to tailgate with Jodi and Lewis Poore (Chance’s parents and personal friends, also some of my biggest supporters).
With Louisville scoring the first 6 points of the game in the opening drive you had to wonder instantly how Kentucky would respond.  We scored but made our extra point and finished the 1st Quarter up by 1 point.  Kentucky gets 10 more points in the 2nd Quarter to put us up 17-6, however Louisville makes a last ditch effort and scores 7 more points to finish out the 2nd Quarter putting Kentucky up by only 4 points at the half.  It was already clear that Louisville couldn’t stop the run game and had no idea how to handle Lynn Bowden.  The second half Kentucky came on the field with a purpose and just totally dominated the 2nd half.  Kentucky outscored Louisville 28-0 in the second half.  This game was much needed and felt so good blowing out 2 teams back to back, when’s the last time you could say Kentucky scored 95 points in just 2 football games.
Lynn Bowden showed out in this game and not only seemed to be on a mission to make a statement against Louisville, but he was set to make a statement to the SEC and the NCAA.  Lynn rushed for a career high 284 yards (breaking SEC record for most rushing yards by a QB in a single game) and career high 4 touchdowns.  He tied Kentucky School records for both most touchdowns and most rushing touchdowns in a game.  I began yelling a scream at the South Carolina game this year that Lynn needed to be our quarterback, I yelled and yelled and yelled there at the game until i had no voice left “Put Lynn In”.  I know from Lynn’s personality and leadership that he would step in and step up and lead our team to victories, and i could have not been more right.  We all know that Lynn will be extremely successful in the NFL, but as a fan we would love to see you back for just 1 more year LYNN.
Kentucky fans we have to show up and support our team in whatever Bowl Game we make it to.  We have to be there for our team and cheer them on and show our support.  There is no doubt that these kids feed off of our commitment and enthusiasm and dedication we have for our CATS.  So get your tickets, get your face paint, get your blue hair, and be there at the Bowl Game.

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