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12-28-19: With 20,437 in attendance The Battle of The Bluegrass was set and ready to take place.  Kentucky coming off of 2 straight losses in Las Vegas had to be coming into this game knowing a loss would not be acceptable.  This being my first UK/UL basketball game (believe it or not) I did expect more UofL fans there but the red was for sure drown out by the blue in the arena.  It was made pretty clear early on that the L’s Down was going to be displayed throughout this matchup.  This was by far one of the hardest games being at doing media and not being able to in my typical get up and cheering on my CATS as the BlueHairUKGuy.  The atmosphere at Rupp was hands down one of the best that I’ve been to and the noise level was just indescribable.  This was the loudest I’ve personally ever hear Rupp Arena, and I have numerous people that agree with me.

The first half of the game was clearly dominated by UK having the lead almost 12 minutes and UL having the lead almost 7 minutes.  There was 5 lead changes in the first half along with the teams tying twice.  In the first half UK’s biggest lead was 8 and UL’s biggest lead was 4.  Tyrese Maxey lead UK in the first half with 13 points with Ashton Hagans being the next highest scorer at only 5 points.  Kentucky went into the half with an 8 point lead against the #3 team in the country.

The 2nd half Kentucky weas outscored 37-29 tying the game and sending it into overtime with the somehow missed layup.  UK had the lead almost 15 minutes in this half with UL only having the lead 2 minutes.  There was another 5 lead changes this half and there was 4 lead changes.  Tyrese Maxey once again lead the CATS and scored 12 points in the 2nd half with Immanuel Quickley scoring 9.  The teams tied 61-61 sending this great game into overtime.

Kentucky totally dominates overtime winning the game 78-70.  As the game comes to an end the crowd along with players on the court immediately go into our L’s Down, it was a sight to be seen.  I know there’s a lot of controversy over the L’s Down, but when a team tells you what bugs them why would their opponent not do something that bugs them.  Maybe if they would look at it as ammunition to use against us instead of being so offended then maybe they could win a basketball against UK.

This was a much needed win for UK and a statement that we needed to make.  Now it’s time to get ready for conference play since it’s clear we are the better team in the state.  UK has a long way to go just like we always do around this time of year, but this still has a great possibility to be a great season.  Full the seats at Rupp, continue to be loud, root on our CATS, and eat your ice cream cones.  LET’S GO CATS.

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