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Dec 7, 2019 – Recap from Bluegrassmma, Gary Thomas

The welterweight title was on the line tonight in Dayton at HRMMA 113 as welterweight champ Jimmy Sandlin defended his title against Cameron McIntosh in a five round bout.

It looked as if the fight was gonna be stopped by the doctor after the first round and the doctor did return a couple more times to check on McIntosh but the fight went the distance and was worth the billing.

Sandlin came into the fight on a tear and continued where he left off against Cory Holbrook earlier this year. He was able to land some crisp strikes as well as utilize some great wrestling to wear down McIntosh over the 15 minute battle. It was completely one sided as McIntosh locked in several submission attempts but Sandlin fought through them.

The crowd erupted after a little tussle following the fourth round and it the action kept going until the final bell. In the end, Sandlin secured the decision and his successfully defended his title for the first time.

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