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As a UK fan, there are several things you never thought you would see.
For instance, UK losing six games in a row with what was supposed to be the top ranked recruiting class this year.
UK failing to score more than 64 points in those 6 straight losses.
Watching Sarr, UK’s 7’0″ transfer failing to hit a field goal in 2 consecutive games.
The Wildcats having far more turnovers than assists.
UK Statistically is not very good. Here is a look at UK Season stats:

Team Statistics
Scoring: 454 – 466
Points per game: 64.9 – 66.6
Scoring margin: -1.7
Field goals-att: 167-403 -168-409
Field goal pct: .414 – .411
3 point FG-att: 30-120 – 41-149
3-point FG pct: .250  – .275
3-pt FG made per game: 4.3 – 5.9
Free throws-att: 90-136 – 89-127
Free throw pct: .662 – .701
F-Throws made per game: 12.9 – 12.7
Rebounds: 274 – 233
Rebounds per game: 39.1 – 33.3
Rebounding margin: +5.9 –
Assists: 75 – 83
Assists per game: 10.7 – 11.9
Turnovers: 111 – 87
Turnovers per game: 15.9 – 12.4
Turnover margin: -3.4 
Assist/turnover ratio: 0.7 – 1.0
Steals: 41 – 49
Steals per game: 5.9 – 7.0
Blocks: 35 – 21
Blocks per game: 5.0 – 3.0

What do these stats tell you about UK? UK offense is not very good. As a team, they are shooting a dismal .414% from the field, 25% from 3 point land and an incredibly bad .662 from the free throw line while scoring 64.9 points per game (this includes the Morehead State stats). UK is averaging 10.7 assists per game while committing 15.9 turnovers per game.

All this begs the question, WHERE IS DONTAIE ALLEN?
Allen’s High School offensive bio is incredible. According to UK Athletics, Allen was ranked in the top 75 by Rivals (No. 68)  … Rated as the No. 92 prospect by the Recruiting Services Consensus Index … Became the first in-state signee for Kentucky since 2013 …  Eighteenth Kentucky player in program history to earn Kentucky Mr. Basketball honors … Also named All-State First Team … Capped his high school career with 3,255 career points, which ranks 11th all-time in state history … Also snared 1,228 career rebounds, the 22nd-best mark in the state’s record books … Averaged 42.9 points and 14.2 boards during his senior season … Limited to 13 games after suffering a torn ACL in his left knee on Dec. 22, 2018 … Dropped 50 or more points in six of his first 12 games as a senior … During his junior campaign, averaged 31.8 points and 11.4 rebounds per game while shooting 59.1% from the floor and 39.6% from 3-point range … Tabbed a Pangos All-American.

Again, the question needed to be answered is, WHERE IS DONTAIE ALLEN??

Coach Cal made the following comments on why Allen did not play in the Louisville loss.

“Here’s what I will tell you,” Calipari said afterwards. “I told Dontaie today, ‘Be ready for your chance. Terrence [Clarke], if I don’t he think he can go, then I’m going with you and it’s going to be your opportunity.’”

“There were two times I thought about putting him in, once in the first half, which, I wish I would have because I would have been able to play him in the second half. If I don’t play a guy in the first half, and it goes on, you know. But he’s gonna have a chance; it just wasn’t tonight. And I coached the game to win. That’s all I did.” (UK fans across the country wondered out loud bemoaning the comment that Coach Cal coached to win the game. With cold shooting and no scoring, why was a pure shooter like Allen sitting on the bench.)

Coach Cal went on to say, “What I’m saying to Dontaie, “Be ready for your opportunity. He’s had an unbelievable attitude. I want to see him go in the game, know the game plan defensively, know what he’s doing, and then let some balls fly.”

“He just can’t break down in two or three other areas, let balls fly when you get in there and get your chance. And he will. I don’t know when it is, it may be this game, it may not. He will get an opportunity.”

“Let me just tell everyone out there, I’m rooting for Dontaie when he gets his chance. I want him to do so well. The Kentucky kids that we’ve recruited here have done so well. It’s been a longer run for them, Dominique (Hawkins), Derek (Willis), think about it, they’re playing professionally. It took them longer, but so what?

“I’m rooting for this kid to go in, and you all just want him to shoot. To stay on the floor, defensive game plan, lock in. Make really easy plays, and when you get a shot, you launch that thing. If you don’t shoot an open shot, I will take you out. Now, it’s hard because it’s now on you because you’ve got to take responsibility for those shots. I’m rooting for him.”

That being said, what good is defense if your team cannot score? On at least 7 Louisville possessions, the Cards would drive to the rim for layups. Where was the defense on those possessions.

In a video posted by KY Sports Radio, Cal stated the following:

Coach Cal on Dontaie Allen

UK fans are understandably upset. You have a team, which record wise and statistically is one of the worst UK teams in a hundred years. You have a team that cannot score and a pure scorer riding the bench. You have a coach who says he didn’t play Allen in the second half because he didn’t play him in the first half. Did I just hear that correctly. Coached to win but didn’t put in a scorer when your team is horrible offensively??

Kentucky fans have every reason to be upset and yes folks, IT IS TIME to start playing Donatie Allen and bench players who are not producing. UK opens SEC play hoping to break it’s 6 game losing streak. The question remains, WHERE IS DONTAIE ALLEN?!?!?!?

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