KImberly Melloan

My name is Kimberly Melloan. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and now reside in Goshen, KY. I began my photography career in 1984, at the age of 6. My grandfather had a top of the line Minolta film camera and he gave me the camera at all of our family events. This began my love for photography. I was on my high school yearbook committee and did photos for that. Fast forward to 2008, married with 3 sons, began taking action shots of my son playing baseball. I started making collages with another ‘momtog’ at the ballpark and we began selling these collages to all the kids. It spread like wild fire. Line Drive Photography, LLC was officially born in 2010, and it was 7 years later that i attended my first sports photography conference. I came home from that and booked 3 little leagues in my area. My business has more than quadrupled since then. In the spring of 2021, we photographed 15 little leagues. We have evolved to include school portraits and senior tux and drape photos. We currently photograph over 15 leagues and 5 elementary schools in the Louisville and southern Indiana areas. In the spring of 2022, i will be speaking on volume sports at the biggest volume school and sports conference in the country, SPAC, in Las Vegas. We do senior portraits, volume sports, volume school portraits, and family sessions. Contact us for more info!