Rob Raymond – Photographer – SVA

Hello SVA friends, My name is Rob Raymond.

Some things about me.
“UK alum, management and marketing.  UK Rifle team 1987.  I help run a family insurance agency, licensed since 1991. 

Photography has been a serious interest for me for a long time, even as a kid. starting with a summer course at a local University in 1980, shooting and developing black and white 35mm using old (even then) Nikon F series film cameras, photography has been a fascination.   I can remember building a pinhole camera and doing darkroom work in high school, and have always loved having a camera in my hands.

I enjoy shooting sports and action, candids, personal interest and portraits.  I like covering events of all kinds, music and festivals, landscapes and real estate.  I currently cover 10 states worth of MMA for 4 different fight promotions in the B2 Fighting Series, and freelance for Rock Point publishing and others.