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Gainesville Florida
Florida Gators vs Kentucky Wildcats
September 10, 2022
Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Kentucky Drains the Swamp again

Florida Head Coach Billy Napier is pitting his #12 team against Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops and his #20 Wildcats. There is a lot on the line this game. Whichever team wins tonight will have a leg up in the SEC East division. If Kentucky wins then Mark Stoops becomes the winningest coach in UK football history. Surpassing the Great Bear Bryant!

One thing for sure is. That this sell out crowd is hard to figure out, a lotta dark blue in the house. So I’m gonna count them all as Wildcat fans!!!

After a three an out on Kentucky’s first drive I sure miss Max Duffy!! Goodfellows’ punt only went 38 yards.

First Quarter

Florida after taking over with a short field. They were limited to one first, and kicked a 39 yard fg.

After the ensuing kick off the Kentucky offense has come to life. Will Levis got. Absolutely clobbered by a defensive end came unabated. Forcing a third and seventeen. At the 37yardline.  Kentucky was forced. To bring in back up QB Deuce Hogan for a snap.  Thank goodness the coverage team covered another terrible punt.

Will Levis did return to the game on UK’s next possession. And the o-line can’t protect and Levis is sacked again for a 10 yard lose!

At the end of the first Kentucky amassed 67 total yards, while Florida had 84.   Florida leads 3-0.

Second quarter

After one play in the quarter the cats are forced to punt it back to the Gators.  Another 38 yard punt.

Free safety Jalen Geiger was injured on an illegal (blindside)blocking penalty and had to be carted off the field. Next man up! Jordan Lovett.

Levis throws a BOMB!!!  To Dane Key for the TD! Of course its being reviewed. Ruling stands! TOUCHDOWN Cats lead 7–3.

Kentucky’s defense gave up a bunch of yards but held tough enough to force a 50 yard FG.  UK-7, FL-6.

Again the right side of the o line can’t and Levis is hit while throwing and Florida picks it.

Florida marches down the short field for a rushing touchdown. Florida is going for two and makes it. 14-7.

Florida kicks out of bounds gives the Cats a start from the 35. When it rains it pours!!!!!! Snap goes over. Goodfellows head and he is forced. To kick it out the back of the end zone for a safety. FL 16, UK 7

Jordan Wright (first game back from suspension) picks off Anderson and returned to the 6 yard line.

A roughing the passer put the ball at the 6. Touchdown on the Will Levis sneak.  and the comedy. Of errors continue with. A bad snap on the PAT, Chance Poore try’s to throw out of it.

What a half of football??????

Third Quarter

Kentucky gets the ball first and only gains ONE yard.  Goodfellows finally put a toe to it this time for a 44 punt and minus  on the return.

Jordan Wright is having a big night.  Sacked Florida QB. Richardson to force a punt.

Maybe Kentucky got the break they needed when the ball sailed through the first guys hand into the second receivers hands big gain. And the offensive line started opening some running holes. Good drive. That stalled at the 6 yard line resulted in a Matt Ruffalo FG.  Tie ball game at 16.

Pick 6. Keidron Smith takes. It all the way. To the house. After faking Florida QB out of his lingerie for the 65 yard score. UK 23,  FL 16.

Fourth Quarter

Kentucky’s first drive stall at the 43 yard line.  Punt results in a touchback..

Florida goes for it on 4th and three.  UK takes over on downs at the 41 yard line.

Smoke then rips off 18 yards on the first carry. Matt Ruffalo. Misses a 46 yard field goal attempt.  Gives the ball back to the Gators with 6:13 to go in regulation..

Jordan Wright again comes up big on a stop to force a fourth and. Six.  UK ball on the 23 yard line. With 4:02 to go.  Smoke and the whole offensive line. Pushed the ball to. the six setting up. First and goal. With 1:43 to play. With 1:28 to go in the game Ruffalo puts the icing on the cake 26-16!

Final score UK 26, Florida 16

With all the things that went wrong tonight, the coaching staff made tremendous adjustments to bring this team back from the brink of disaster to snatch the victory from the jaws of the Gators!!

With the win Mark Stoops becomes the new wins leader in UK history.  Couldn’t be prouder of the program he’s building!

On a personal note this writer is now 2-0 in the Swamp!

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