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Kentucky enter the game with a 6-4 record hoping to win and improve their bowl opportunities.  South Carolina comes in at 4-6 and trying to get to .500 before the end of the season.

Kentucky wil have their hand full with the passing attack of Carolina and Spencer Rattler. Carolina is ranked 3rd in passing offense in the SEC, while Kentucky is Ranked 11th in the conference in passing Defense.

Kentucky really needs a solid game on both sides of the ball, and clean up some discipline issues. This will be the last SEC game of the season and UK needs this win to get to .500 in SEC play.  As well as get it together before they play Louisville on the road next week.

First Quarter:

Kentucky will get the ball first.

On Kentucky’s first possession they picked up a illegal shifting penalty and were lost 2 yards on the drive.

Carolina has was able to pretty easily move down the field in 9 plays(6 passing) to score the TD with 7:27 to go in the first.

Kentucky lost 12 yards on their second possession due to a face mask penalty. Punt to the 45 of Carolina.

Carolina went 51 yards on 11 plays to kick a field goal with 13 seconds to go in the first period.

The period ended with UK having 7 yards of rushing, but had 27 yards of penalties.  Carolina had 125 yards and 15 penalty yards.

Second Quarter:

Kentucky finally got some offensive movement, going 75 yards on 12 plays for a TD pass to Barion Brown.

Kentucky’s defense showed up on this possession of Carolina’s and force a 3 and out. 

On Kentucky’s drive QB Devin Leary was knocked out of the game on a late hit. Enter Kaiya Sheron. Handed off once, and lost 6 yards on a backward pass.  Devin Leary back in the game and completes his first pass after getting his brains scrambled. Followed by throwing an intersection in the end zone to give the Gamecocks the ball back.

Kentucky’s defense again played well forcing Carolina to loss 10 yards rushing and having to punt the ball back to Kentucky where they take over on the 43. Leary complete a 25 yard pass that is then fumbled back to Carolina by Dane Key.

Kentucky has gotten the total yards even at 133 at halftime, but two turnovers with an empty trip in the red zone have gotten them in a hole at halftime 10-7.

Third Quarter:

Carolina starts the half on offense at the 25 yard line. After giving up 12 yards on the first play, Kentucky’s defense held them to no more yards and forced a punt that was downed at the 7.

Kentucky moves the ball 93 yards on some great throws(3) and runs(5) to put themselves in the lead 14-10. The drive lasted 5:20.

The Cats hold Carolina to three yards on the drive and force another punt, fielded at the 23.

15 yards of penalties on two consecutive plays killed the offensive momentum.  Kentucky is forced to punt for the first time in the second half. Carolina takes over with great field position at their own 46.

End of the third the story was all Cats.  Plus 7 on the scoreboard, and the defense dominated.  Drone Walker for the game has 8 tackles(all solo), 1 sack, and 2 for a loss!

Fourth Quarter:

Carolina torches the Kentucky defense on a scrambling completion of 28 yards, then consecutive plays for 1st downs to move the ball to the 18.  Spencer Rattler throws the ball on a rope for a 17 yard TD to put Carolina u 17-14 with 7:44 to go in the fourth.

Kentucky, having picked up 2 first downs is forced to go for it on 4th and 10 from the 50.  A delay of the game penalty makes Kentucky punt instead with 4:01 to go.  The ball rolls dead at the 1.

A three and out and Carolina punts to Kentucky at mid field.  UK has 2:10 and 2 time outs to make something happen.

Kentucky fumbles on the first play and gives South Carolina the ball back at the 50 with 2:00 minutes to go. Kentucky defense holds and the offense will get the ball back with 57 seconds left and no time outs on their own 20. 

Three words for this game.  Turnovers, turnovers, and turnovers.  The Cats were so generous to give the Gamecocks the ball three times.  This puts Kentucky at 6-5 going into the Louisville(10-1) next Saturday at Noon.  The Cats need that win to salvage even a disappointing season.

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