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Game recaps from Day One of the Girls Sweet 16

GM 1 Boyd County VS Meade County 3.9.22

The opening game of the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16 starts off strong with both teams coming into this game looking to set the stage for the other games during the week leading up to the finals. Boyd starts off the game solid winning the opening tip and going down the court with it then Jasmine Jordan coming with a steal to take it away from Meade and back into the hands of Boyd. The 1st quarter was pretty quiet for each team but as we rolled into the 2nd quarter Boyd County’s player Emilee Neese start to drill shots from long range to help keep on team top but at the same time, she starts to draw fouls and ends the half with 3 as they go into the locker room. We enter the 2nd half of play for this opening session, Meade County comes out and looks like a brand-new team after halftime. They start to play more strategically as time starts to tick down then Meade County hits a 3 pointer to bring them withing 2 points of matching the score, then a miracle happens Peyton Bradley is able to draw a foul and get sent to the free throw line for Meade County she goes 1 for 2 at the line and brings them to within 1 and that allows them to start pulling away during the last few minutes to let them advance over Boyd County to the next round in a 46-53 victory in the opening game for the day.

GM 2 Bullitt East VS Bethlehem: Game 2-3.9.22

We enter game number 2 of the day between Bullitt East & Bethlehem. Game opens up with some very tough defense on both ends of the court as Bullitt East start a 0-9 run against Bethlehem with in the first 6 minutes of the quarter then a 3 by Spalding finally allows Bethlehem to get on the bored with 1:48 left to play in the 1st quarter. Coming straight out of a timeout Thurmond drains another 3 for Bethlehem to bring them within 5 points of evening the score being the end of the 1st. As we enter the 2nd quarter both teams are playing hard in the paint trying to earn those “and 1” fouls to make sure that every point counts, we start to round out the last few minutes before halftime both teams are trying to get their last baskets for the half before the buzzer. We end the 1st half with Bullitt East up by 2. Things get set to start the 2nd half of session 2 for the day at the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16, right off the start Bullitt East goes to drive into the paint to get things going. Bethlehem comes right back at them in the paint to foul and send Carlie Thurmond to line to shoot free throws. Spalding gets sent to the line for Bethlehem to shoot the “and 1” after scoring the basket and drawing the foul, after that her teammate Thurmond draws a foul making those 3 fouls on her with 4 minutes left to play in the 3rd quarter. After a long hard back and forth battle Bullitt East pulled away at the end sending them to play in the into the 2nd round of the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16 with a final score 67-50.

GM 3 McCracken County VS Southwestern: 3.9.22

McCracken starts off the game strong with winning the tip then going directly into the paint to draw the foul at the start of the game to send them to the line to shoot 2. Southwestern comes right back at them at the other end of the court to get them on the board. To tie them up 10-10 at the start of the 1st quarter in game 3 then we enter the 2nd as two Rise Up Sports Athletes are going head-to-head with each other as well McCracken County’s Destiny Thomas and Southwestern’s Payton Acey both players are going hard on every single part of the court during this quarter leading up to the half where they are tied 29-29 going into the locker room. Coming out after the half both teams are looking ready to get back on the court for this 2nd half of the game. Again, both of these teams are keeping it close with it being tied again at 35-35 after 4 minutes into the 3rd quarter, seems like neither of these teams are able to get pulled away enough to get the little bit of edge needed to go and take control of this game. As we start to round off the 3rd quarter Southwestern is finally starting to slowly try to pull away as they are 37-37 with 16.7 seconds left before the end of the 3rd. Entering the 4th and final quarter of game 3 today Southwestern keeps trying to pull away but McCracken County comes out in a force during the early part of this quarter; however, Southwestern is keeping their lead as the game slowly starts to wind down in the last few minutes as the counts down Southwestern one of the most underrated teams all season are moving to play Friday night in the next round of the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16, all eyes will be on them as they prepare for their next chapter in the Sweet 16 Journey.

GM 4 Henderson County vs. Franklin County 3.9.22

We close out this first day of the Mingua Beef Jerk Girls’ Sweet 16 with a matchup between two solid teams that are battling it out to make it to Friday’s session. Slow start during the 1st quarter of play between these two teams as it ends with the score 4-5 getting ready to enter the 2nd quarter. After the half both times are going to need to adjust if one of them wants to try to pull away during this 2nd half of the game tonight. With 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter both teams are tied again with each other, it seems that both are playing really strong defensive game to try to get a nudge on one another just to have enough time to try to get a head even if it’s just a little bit. These last 8 minutes are going to be critical for both teams are they are yet tied again 35-35 with 6 minutes left to play in the quarter of the ball game. Both teams are going back-to-back with basket after one another as Senior Guard from Henderson County, Kaytlan Kemp took a hit after going in the paint for a lay-up against Franklin County after recovering from the fall she is subbed out for #4 Savannah Lacer to finish the rest of the 4th quarter for Henderson. With 2:46 left on the clock it is Henderson County up 41-39. Franklin County quickly comes back into this game with scoring a 3 pointer to put them up by 4 with only 37.4 seconds left in the game, Franklin ends up able to pull always in the last 1:30 of the last quarter to win it and advance to the next round of the Sweet 16 they will play Friday night again in Rupp Arena.

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