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Super Bowl Coverage presented by Wolfe County Farm Bureau

What is the biggest question surrounding this weekend’s match up in Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles? The condition of Patrick Mahomes ankle after that high sprain three weeks ago? The first ever face off between two black quarterbacks? The contest between the two youngest quarterbacks in Super Bowl history? No, no, and no. 

The biggest question is simple but complicated. Who will Donna Kelce root for as her sons Jason and Travis compete on opposing teams? 
Donna Kelce’s oldest son, Jason has played for the Philadelphia Eagles since 2011. Her younger son, Travis, joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013. And, while the two teams have faced off nine times in history, they have never met in the Super Bowl. However, their last three meetings in 2013, 2017, and 2021 involved both Kelce boys. So there is some history here. In other words, this is not Donna Kelce’s first rodeo. It is, however, her first rodeo in the international spotlight. 
Donna Kelce was on the network talk shows this morning. She was also in Phoenix earlier this week at the player introductions and presented her sons with containers of homemade cookies containing both white and chocolate chips. The media cannot get enough of this story. And, I predict she will get more camera time on Sunday night than any other “celebrity” in attendance.
Despite the fact that I taught psychology classes at two universities in which we covered birth order, sibling rivalry, and other relevant family dynamics, as the mom of an only child I feel slightly less qualified than others to offer a personal perspective on this situation. So, I reached out to another Donna who is certainly qualified and has much in common with Donna Kelce. 
My dear friend Donna Brohm is the mother of University of Louisville football head coach Jeff Brohm, offensive coordinator Brian Brohm, and administration and operations director Greg Brohm. All three played college ball and two of them played in the NFL. Although Donna Brohm and Donna Kelce have never met, when I spoke with Donna Brohm today and asked her how it would be to have two of her sons playing on opposing teams in the Super Bowl, her responses were almost identical to  Donna Kelce’s in her national television interviews this morning! The similarities were remarkable!!
Donna Kelce talked first about the dynamics of the younger brother, Travis,  looking up to and being inspired by older brother, Jason. Donna Brohm also spoke first about the love and support between her older and younger sons…and how they always wanted the best for one another. Donna Kelce said if both boys did not have a Super Bowl win, she would likely be rooting a little harder for the other one. But since they do, it is like winning the lottery for the entire family. Donna Brohm relayed the same sentiment almost verbatim, except she described it as being on cloud nine! 
So what is my takeaway from this?  Donna Kelce and her family are having the time of their lives this week. It is a win-win for all. And, perhaps there is more to becoming a wildly successful athlete than just raw physical talent and mental acuity and fortitude. Perhaps having an amazing mom who fosters all those skills is also a huge advantage!


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