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Way back in 2016 when I was operating Bluegrass Sports Nation a well mannered gentleman contacted me about shooting for us. I ask him if I could see some of his work which he provided me. His work was good, very good. So I said yes and that started a friendship with one of the best people I had ever known. 

Through circumstances of our evolving business, I sold my interest in Bluegrass Sports Nation and started discussing a new sports venture with some people that were working with me as Bluegrass Sports Nation. MIKE CYRUS, MONT DAWSON, ARMANDO GARZA and MYSELF, RON HAMBLIN decided to start up SPORTS VIEW AMERICA. I have been fortunate to work with some of the best photographers and writers ever in the business. Mike Cyrus was at the top of the list. 

In all, over 45 people have contributed to Sports View America through media and photography. I was truly blessed. Unfortunately, we lost Armando Garza to Covid complications. R.I.P. Armando. Mike, as most people know found out he had cancer and had his stomach removed due to the disease. This is when people found out what we already knew. Mike was a fighter, and great individual that would help you, no matter what, even while he was fighting this terrible disease. Mike would beat this battle with cancer, or at least we thought.

Last year Mike called me and had a little stress in his voice. He said, “Brother, I have to tell you something.” Of course I was worried, was he quitting doing sports photography? what was going on? He followed up his initial comment with, “dude, my cancer has come back.” I was gut punched. This guy was one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He was a fighter and would give you the shirt off his back. Mike was a man’s man. I couldn’t help but wonder why him, again. Me & Mike would talk all the time about his cancer and we both knew this time it was different. He confided in me that he was told he only had weeks left on this earth. Mike being Mike, he fought, kept fighting and when he made it past the dates they gave him, he would call. I, like dozens, no hundreds of people that knew him, would message or post about his situation telling him, YOU GOT THIS. We knew he wouldn’t quit fighting, that was just Mike.

We all knew our brother was having a tough time and knew of his situation. On July 19th, Mont Dawson let us know that Mike’s battle with cancer had ended. What do you say when a friend who was loved by everyone that knew him and who helped start up our sports group, was gone? What do you say? It just doesn’t seem real. I have saved Mikes last message to me just two days before he passed and like he told most people, he simply said, I love you man.

I have two pics of my daughter that I absolutely cherish and Mike took them both. He was a great Photographer, Friend, Sibling, Husband, Family Member and Father. I can say this now just as I did when my friend was with us, I don’t know that I have met many people in my 59 years of life that I can say was a true friend. Mike Cyrus WAS THAT GUY.

To Misty and the rest of the Cyrus family, we at Sports View America offer our deepest condolences and I am sure you already know, the love Mike gave to everyone was unsurpassed.

Rest in Peace MIKE CYRUS. You will forever be missed!!

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