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Corbin VS GRC 3.10.22

We get ready to enter game three during session 2 of the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16 here at Rupp Arena. Early on GRC draws a foul on Corbin after going in for a layup during their touch of the basketball during this game. Both teams start the game off with some tough defense in the paint to as well GRC double teaming Corbin early in the 1st quarter, so far as we approach the end of the 1st it seems that neither time is able to get enough pull to let one of them pull out to the front. The 2nd quarter starts to pick a little bit of action early on with a number of steals from both ends of the court, with 1:19 left before halftime things are still close between both of these teams are trying to get just enough of an edge to be able to go into halftime with that lead so they have that extra drive when they come back onto the floor for the 2nd half of the game, we end the half with GRC up by 2 going into the locker room. GRC starts the 2nd half off by driving straight into the paint to go in for the easy layup, GRC’s Ciara Byars has been playing hard this whole game you can tell each time she handles the ball very carefully during each play that is made to make sure that her time is able to connect for points each time down the court. We near the end of the 3rd with GRC starting to make their push with a 9-point lead over Corbin, coming out of the huddle for the final quarter Corbin is looking to make a comeback to allow them to get back in control of the game. With 4:37 left in the game both teams are trying to do the same thing get ahead with each play that they are making when they go down the court, GRC has 5 points up on Corbin but that isn’t stopping them from getting back in this ball game as they have come within 4 points of tying this game up and only 2:33 left to play. As we start to near the end of this game Corbin is giving its last push to get back in this and overcome GRC but after a hard-fought battle they were not able to overcome and win the battle. A key player for tonight was GRC’s 7th Grader Kennedy Stamper that earned a double double during their game, she stated during the post-game conference “playing at this level is something that I have prepared for, just being able to zone out all of the noise and lights is really what allowed me to focus to earn that double-double during tonight’s game. GRC will face the winner of Sacred Heart & Anderson County Friday night in Rupp Arena at 8:30 P.M.

Sacred Heart VS Anderson County 3.10.22

The last game of the evening starts off strong as both teams make a run to get on the scoreboard first, but neither are able to connect during their trips down the court. But after long both of them are starting to find some kind of pattern enough to allow them each to get on the board. As we enter the 2nd quarter each team is trying to get ahead and get that boost, they need to keep pushing out forward to allow one of them to advance to next round the of the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16 and face GRC Friday night again in Rupp Arena. Coming in after halftime both teams are looking to start this last half of play and you can see that as Sacred Heart is playing hard in the paint and using every fast break opportunity they can find to get into the basket. With the start of the last 8 minutes of action here tonight Sacred Heart is starting to pull away with a 12-point lead as we get started here in the last few minutes of games here tonight. After a long back and forth during the first 3 quarters of the game Sacred Heart starts to pull away to lead into a win that allows them to advance to the next round Friday night at Rupp Arena. During the post-game conference one of the most moving things of it was when Anderson came in and Coach Clay Birdwhistell stated that “no matter what at the end of the day these are good girls, every single Saturday at 8 AM they go to the local elementary schools and reef little girl basketball games. They don’t have to do that; they don’t get a dime for it but it’s what they want to do and that is what’s most important.”

Southwestern vs. Franklin County 3.11.22

Today we start off the quarter finals to earn a ticket into the final four tomorrow night that will take place before the championship game later that evening. As we get into the 2nd quarter of the game, you’re able to see how both teams are coming in after the 1st wanting to pull out in front to have that early lead. But so far it has been close as Southwestern is using every chance they get to get another rebound and allow them to bring it down the court or put it back up into the basket. With 2:38 left to play Southwestern is up by one point, as both teams get ready to go into the locker room for the half. Coming out of the locker room both teams are looking to make something happen, with less than a minute to go before the start of the 4th quarter both teams are tied 35-35 and Southwestern has the ball, they shoot and miss as we got into the last 8 minutes of game 1 of the quarter finals here at the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16. One of the key players today has been Southwestern’s Payton Acey (#55) & Makayla Noritis (#15) as coming out of the 3rd quarter both players have been able to connect and work well with each out coming down the court in assist and easy points in the paint. With a little over 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter Southwestern is starting to pull away into a groove, the buzzer sounds and Southwestern is the first team to punch their ticket into the final four tomorrow at Rupp Arena.

Bullitt East vs. Meade County 3.11.22

The 2nd game of the quarter finals here at the Mingua Beef Jerky Girls’ Sweet 16 is off against Bullitt East & Meade County. We have made it to the 2nd quarter, Bullitt East is pushing out front early on in this game with 16 points lead halfway through this quarter. At the half Bullitt East was still on top, however; coming out of the locker room Meade County is looking like a whole new team at the start of this half let’s see if they are to come back after a rough 1st half. With 2:52 left in the 3rd quarter Meade is down by 14 but are slowly pulling back in this thing against Bullitt East, however; towards the end of the 3rd Meade gets sent the free throw line to shoot 1 and a bonus twice in a row they made 4 out of 4. We enter the last 8 minutes of play here for this game as Meade is fighting to stay in this one, 12 down they are giving it all they got to put up a fight. 2:40 left in 4th quarter and there’s 13 points between Bullitt East & Meade County. With less than 2 minutes left in the game time is running out for Meade County. After pushing every ounce of out that they had in them Meade County falls shorts to a 62-47 loss against Bullitt East. During the post-game conference both teams spoke very highly of each other and when Meade County took the podium and spoke you could tell how much this game meant to each of the players and the coaches, hearing them speak about how they are so proud of their community for coming out and supporting them, the crowd today was a recording breaking one for the Girls’ Sweet 16 this really shows how important these girls are to that community. Overall, both teams were able to give it a good fight to the bitter end, Bullitt East will move on to punch their ticket to the final four and play Southwestern at 11:00 AM for a chance to play in the championship later that evening.

Cooper vs. Bowling Green 3.11.22

After a break we are back with Game 3 of quarter finals of the Girls’ Sweet 16 here at Rupp Arena tonight. We quickly go through the 1st quarter of play with Cooper pulling out to an early leader against Bowling Green, is not able to make it connect with the basket like they have been this season. This game has kept the fans at the edge of their seats during each play Bowling Green manages to come within 4 points of evening the odds with only 5 minutes left to play in the 4th quarter. Both of these teams have been fighting all night to punch their ticket to earn one of the last two spots in the final four tomorrow night. During a long fight between both of these teams Cooper was able to start pulling away during the 4th quarter and it allowed them to punch their ticket into tomorrow’s final four for a chance to play in the championship later that evening it will be interesting to see how they play during the final four if they will be more “pulled back” with their players to save some energy if they do punch a ticket for the championship. During the post-game conference for both teams, Bowling Green’s Coach Calvin Head spoke very highly of both teams, he was very proud of what his team has done season and wants everyone to know no matter what they went down fighting.

Southwestern vs. Bullitt East 3.12.22

We start today with the first of two games for the Final Four of the Girls’ Sweet 16 today at Rupp Arena each team in this game is looking to be the first one to punch their ticket into the championship game that will take place tonight at 7:00 PM on this same court. Bullitt East comes straight into this game hot and ready to go with (Bullitt East #24) Gracie Markle going right into the paint to get her first points of the game putting them on the scoreboard before Southwestern. Going into the 2nd quarter Southwesternn is looking to build back up and get Bullitt East’s lead down before halftime, going into the locker room it is Bullitt East up 14-28 it will be interesting to see what Southwestern will be able to do coming out of the locker room after the half to start their comeback for their chance to play again later tonight. This 3rd quarter has been tough as Bullitt East is pulling way out front against Southwestern with a 22-41 lead as we wind down and get ready to start the 4th quarter. A player that’s name has been all over everyone this week is again Bullitt East’s #24 Gracie Markle so far in this game she was 18 rebounds for her team, you’re able to tell that she is not letting anything stop her from getting in the paint to earn those boards for her team. With 5 minutes left in this first game of the final four Southwestern is down 20 points against Bullitt East, but not giving up one bit of energy each of them are playing like they aren’t even down that is amazing to see from all of these players not just today but this whole week during the Sweet 16. Bullitt East pulls away and is able to punch the first spot for the Girls’ Sweet 16 Championship tonight they will play the winner of Cooper & Sacred Heart. During the post-game press conference when Southwestern was speaking their head Coach Junior Molden was emotional but in a positive way of his team and everyone that made this possible, he stated that “I am so thankful for our great administration has allowed us do what we love and play the teams we want.” We now wait to see who Bullitt East will face off tonight in the state championship.

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