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I have always followed wrestling from as far back as I could remember with Dick “The Bruiser”, The Crusher, Superstar Bill Dundee, Jerry “The King”, Lawler, just to name a few. We all know, or at least should know, wrestling is choreographed and fake. Are they tremendous athletes? Of course!! Wrestlers follow a script which companies like WWE hire writers to hammer out storylines they hope will keep fans engaged.

Unfortunately, not all storylines are fan friendly or even make sense. A new one the WWE recently started was with the Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio new found attitude because of a “stint” in prison. The announcers and fellow wrestlers kept mentioning Dom’s prison stint and how mad he was. It literally got to a point where it was funny.

One storyline that has run it’s course is the Bloodline and their “Title” Domination. You have the “Head of the Table”, Roman Reigns who holds both titles and has been champion for 3 years. Never mind the fact he hardly ever wrestles but when he does, he always has help from the Bloodline to win his matches. That storyline is dried up and if any of the online responses mean anything, Roman’s run as champion has garnered very little respect from fans.

The other storyline that seems to have run it’s course is the USOs, WWE Tag Team Champions. They have also held their title for a long time and have found every way imaginable to win. Throw in the plot line of Sami Zayn who fans seem to like more than the Bloodline, but again, that script needs put to rest.

There are several options to get fans excited again. One would be the winner of Royal Rumble battle royal, maybe Braun Strowman or even fan favorite Drew McIntyre defeating Roman Reigns and having the USOs finally defeated by any number of tag teams like the New Day or a super team of Shamus and McIntyre. 

We can only hope that the script writers of the WWE will take a long look at moving on from these tired ole story lines and inject new blood in to the titles. It is long past time.

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